Terms and conditions of sale

Purchases made at www.shop.openprint.com are subject to the following conditions (the "Conditions"). By clicking on "I accept" and placing the order, the user accepts the Conditions without limitations or reservations. The website is owned by Open Print S.L. (indicate NIF and fiscal address.

1. Services offered on the web

The Web allows you to use web-to-print services. To access the Services it is necessary to register on the Web. During the purchase phase, users will be asked to complete the order in order to make the purchase as a company / professional or as an individual, indicating the country of the company or the user's address. Only purchases made by private users will be subject to the rules applicable to consumers.

All the final prices of the products that appear on the Site are indicated in euros and can be viewed with or without VAT. The prices of the products may be subject to variations from time to time.

The website sells within Spanish territory to Spanish citizens and companies, as well as internationally. For all products, shipping costs may or may not be included in the price. Only National Peninsular and Balearic shipments are made through the Web. Consult for shipments to Ceuta, Melilla and the Canary Islands.

2. Choice of product and purchase method

After registering, the user will be able to choose the products that are described in the different sections by selecting them one by one, personalizing them and adding the desired quantities to the shopping cart. Some images may be merely informative and may not match the appearance of the delivered product. Only in the event that the user does not choose the images or drawings suggested by www.shop.openprint.com for some products, once the budget has been confirmed and payment has been made, the user will receive an email with the Order confirmation.

The user is responsible for controlling the content, the spelling and the graphics of the uploaded files.

Any order placed on the www.shop.openprint.com website implies an express and unreserved acceptance by the Client of these conditions of sale.

3. Payment and file upload

The customer may buy the products online and make payments by credit card (Visa or MasterCard) only as indicated on the web, following the instructions for making the purchase.

The information necessary to make the payment will be sent through encryption protocols to the entity in charge by www.openprint.com of online electronic payment services, thus guaranteeing the protection of customer data.

Payments must be made in advance; selected items will go into production only after the user has made the payment and uploaded the file. Therefore, production kicks in after successful file upload has been confirmed. During the purchase phase and for all users, billing is carried out by www.shop.openprint.com and will be sent to the billing email provided on the web.

4. Responsibility of users for the content uploaded

The selection of the contents and the images to be printed as well as the corresponding authorizations for their reproduction, if necessary, are the sole responsibility of the users.

www.openprint.com will only control the technical characteristics of the files and compliance with the graphic compatibility requirements.

www.shop.openprint.com is not responsible for the unauthorized use of images by users or for any type of violation of the rights of third parties that may exist on them.

Therefore, the user exempts www.shop.openprint.com from all responsibility towards third parties that could claim violations of intellectual property rights, damage to image, honor, decorum, moral integrity or any patrimonial or non-patrimonial damage caused by the printing of the images and by the contents uploaded by the user himself.

www.shop.openprint.com reserves the right to block any order that represents a clear violation of the intellectual property rights of third parties or whose content is defamatory, violent or does not respect public order or morality in any way.

5. File control

The file check performed by www.shop.openprint.com tests only for compatibility in terms of format, measurements and resolution. The conversion of fonts into paths must be carried out by the client.

Our system converts Pantone colors into the most suitable profile for the type of printing requested (the system does not report the Pantone colors present in the file, but converts them directly into CMYK).

In case of non-conformity of the file sent, the order will be blocked. The user will receive an email with the non-conformity and the client will be invited to proceed with the upload of a new correct file that must be sent to that same address.

If no non-conformance is detected, the file will automatically go into production. The file control system does not foresee an exhaustive control of the format, the spelling or possible photos that have been omitted. Neither are possible errors caused by transparencies, overprints, gradients, shading and other filters / actions that the editing program allows.

Open Print S.L. It is not responsible for defects in printing, colorimetry, characters, overprinting, cut text, image conversion that are present in the Client's files.


Open Print S.L. reserves the right to make some changes that it deems necessary in the files provided by the Client and that do not comply with the technical specification (bleeds, format, conversion from Pantone © to CMYK, conversion from RGB to CMYK, etc.).


Likewise, the Company reserves the right to reject any order in the event that the files do not comply with the basic technical specifications. For these reasons, the Company will not be held liable for non-compliance with technical requirements.

6. Delivery and shipping time

Our production and delivery times are expressed in working days. The order is not considered complete until the user has uploaded the correct file and made the payment.

If the user does not upload the file within 15 days from the date of the order, it will be canceled and, if the payment has been made, the customer will be reimbursed the amount paid.

Shipping and delivery will be as long as the order has been completed and the file sent before 1:00 p.m. on the day of creation. Files received after 1:00 p.m. will lead to a change in the order date to the next business day. Working days are considered every day from Monday to Friday, excluding national and local holidays. For international shipments, the client will adhere to the Spanish national labor calendar.

Delivery times are given for information purposes and without guarantee. In no case, a delay in production can lead to a cancellation or a rejection of the merchandise. Deliveries to islands and more remote areas may take two or more additional business days.

7. Limitation of liability - Product defects

In no case Open Print S.L. will be responsible for possible damages caused by the delay in delivery of the courier company.

In case of printing errors not attributable to the user, or delivery of a defective or damaged product, Open Print S.L. will be exclusively obliged to reprint the material.

At the time of delivery, the user must carefully examine the products received. Possible damage to the goods delivered, printing errors or packaging of the material not attributable to the user, must be reported immediately to the carrier or to the email info@openprint.com

The merchandise must be withdrawn after having signed with a specific reservation of control. Subsequently, the user must send a claim through the email info@openprint.com, attaching the photographic documentation, if necessary, within 24 hours from the date on which the material was received.

Open Print S.L. will do everything possible to deal with claims within 24 hours after receiving them, except for weekends and holidays.

8. Right of withdrawal / return / claims

The right of withdrawal / return without penalties and without specifying the reason, which as a rule the "consumer" users enjoy, does not apply to most of the services offered by Open Print SL, since they are customized goods.


Consumer users may exercise the right of withdrawal or return only in relation to some products in which no type of customization has been carried out (such as in the event that the user does not upload their own file to print or do not select specific characteristics such as a certain type of material, finishes, etc.).


In the event of non-compliance by Open Print with the delivery period stipulated in a standard way, we will proceed to inform about product alternatives, a new delivery period or the possibility of full payment of the purchase. To carry out any of these procedures, the customer will have 24 hours from receiving the product to claim. In order to exercise this right, the user must send an email to info@openprint.com


Open Print S.L. will send a confirmation communication to the user indicating the method of returning the product. Once the product is returned, Open Print S.L. will refund the money to the user.


The costs of returning the products will be borne by the customer.

9. Force majeure

In the event of force majeure that delays, prevents or makes the execution of the sale economically exorbitant, the consequence of the suspension of the contractual guarantees with the Open Print S.L.


A case of force majeure constitutes any event of any nature that reasonably escapes the control of one or the other of the parties, such as, for example, a fire, a break in the supply of raw materials, a power outage, or a machine breakdown, making it impossible to execution of the work entrusted to the agreed deadlines, strike or blockade, interruption of the means of transport whatever the cause, legal or regulatory provisions that affect the production or delivery of the products.

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