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Advertising displays

Do you need to promote a new product or service? You have arrived exactly at the place you were looking for. At OpenPrint we offer you the printing of personalized advertising displays online. They are a very versatile tool in terms of location such as shop windows, counters and much more.

Get transmit and give visibility to your new products or services to encourage their purchase and thus achieve the desired objectives in your business. With the help of Displays, impact the mind of your target audience and boost your company. Feel free to freely create your display with OpenPrint, easy, fast and cheap.

Advertising displays

Cardboard Sign

OpenPrint, your trusted printing company, helps you boost your brand image efficiently and quickly thanks to the designs and printing of our personalized advertising displays. Get the attention of your customers and maximize your sales. You just have to choose the size, material and design that you want to use to promote your products and services.
Advertising displays

Outdoor Easel

Get a boost to your new project or business with the help of our outdoor easels. Standard size 100x60cm with steel-made structure. They are supported by excellence at the point of sale. Economical, versatile and very practical. Everything you need. Get it now!
Advertising displays

Table Tent

Our tabletop totems will be a perfect tool to capture the attention of customers and reach them with the desired message. Get to differentiate yourself from the competition and increase your sales with our wide variety of customizable models. Easy, comfortable and inexpensive with excellent quality.
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Digital display printing services

If you are looking for a reliable digital printing company, OpenPrint is undoubtedly your best option to create advertising displays and exhibitors. We personally take care of each client, managing to carry out their projects with precision. With the help of our long experience, our materials and top-quality technology at the best price, we will manage, together, to create your dream display. Choose from a wide range of types of displays.

There are no limits, set yourself new challenges and let your imagination grow. We make all your ideas possible in an original and creative way so that you can differentiate yourself from other competitors. At OpenPrint we manage to adapt to our client and satisfy their needs.

Our team manages to integrate into the entire process, they are not limited only to graphic design. We advise you comprehensively from the beginning to the end of the project.

Apart from our qualities, we have the international recognition of the Biosphere® community. This means that we comply with a series of requirements for the production and treatment of materials aligned with the Sustainable Development Goals issued by the United Nations. You can apply this certificate for the communication of your next project and thus add added value to your brand.

Types of personalized advertising displays

Customized Display

Get the attention of your customers and maximize your sales thanks to our personalized displays. You just have to choose the size, material and design that you want to use to promote your products and services. They are very light and easy to install, allowing them to be placed on shelves, so that the products are closer to the customers and thus get their attention quickly

Table Tent

Highlight your message in the easiest way possible. Design it to your liking and stand out from your competitors. Practical, versatile and economical. Assemble your cardboard advertising displays at the point of sale. Available in various formats and fully customizable to your design.

Outdoor Display

We use high quality materials, resistant to humidity, wind, sun ... so that your events have the expected success. Fully customizable. They will provide maximum visibility to your business. If the poster has an eye-catching design and your message conveys professionalism and seriousness, sales are guaranteed.

Flag Banner

Perfect tool to increase visibility inside or outside your establishment. Customize them with our various models and achieve an exclusive design. They are very resistant to the wind, so they are ideal for events, parties ... These are advertisements that attract attention not only for their colorful image, but also for their movement with the wind.


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