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Custom Vinyls

Adhesive vinyls are the perfect material for covering flat and curved surfaces such as walls, floors, glass or vehicles, offering a world of personalization of printed designs. They offer high print quality and long life without losing properties both indoors and outdoors.

With Open Print, an online printing company, you can print your personalized vinyls easily by choosing between different high-quality media and easy application.

Choose between different adhesive materials depending on the function you want to give it, such as interior decoration, signaling of spaces for security reasons or creating messages that generate visual impact.

Printing custom adhesive vinyls

Custom Vinyls

Vinyl adhesive

Print your monomeric vinyls with easy-to-apply white backing in Open Print and you will get the best quality as well as materials from leading brands. Decorate to your liking with total customization capacity and enhance your brand with incredible results.
Custom Vinyls

Window vinyl

The perfect support to decorate your windows without losing the outdoor lighting in your space. Discover our acid vinyl with or without custom printing for windows, the perfect way to achieve an original decoration or a greater sense of intimacy without losing the entrance of natural light.
Custom Vinyls

Floor vinyl

Customize the floors in your store thanks to our customizable floor stickers. Discover all the designs that you can create to decorate your business and buy it now in the easiest way possible. Quick, simple and easy to install!
Custom Vinyls

Transparent vinyl

Take advantage of your spaces with more visibility and make them stand out with our custom transparent vinyls. Discover all the models that you can design for both interiors and exteriors. You are sure to find the perfect clear vinyl for your business. Customize it and buy it now!
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Customized Vinyl Printing


Our printing service has a long history in the printing of large surfaces of printing vinyl for advertising campaigns of well-known brands. At Open Print we are specialists in large format printing such as the printing and cutting of personalized adhesive vinyls.

Thanks to our cutting machinery, you can give the shape you want to your personalized vinyls, creating eye-catching designs that attract the attention of your audience.

Why choose Open Print adhesive vinyls?

Open Print only works with the best adhesive vinyl manufacturers and guarantees perfect image quality as well as material durability of up to three years.

We use original manufacturer inks which are respectful with the environment and help improve your brand image while promoting sustainability in the market.

In addition to the printing of your personalized vinyls, we offer you the possibility of adding resistant laminates that further improve the durability of the materials and protect your prints over time.

Choose from white PVC vinyls for opaque surfaces, acidic or transparent for window signage, or our high-quality vinyl flooring with a non-slip laminate that offers safety and resistance.

Types of stickers and custom vinyls

Get to know the range that we offer you from Open Print for direct online printing:


Monomeric with gloss or matte finish for flat surfaces. Perfect for covering furniture or receptions, smooth walls or any similar type of surface.


It allows an image to be reproduced on a transparent background, so that visually only the design printed on the adhesive vinyl can be perceived and allows the light to pass completely through the transparent part.

Printing acid

This printing format allows the personalization of a translucent vinyl, which gives guaranteed visibility of the printed design while the light does not let you see what is behind it.

Cutting acid

Acid vinyl without printing with application for cutting, so that you can create your designs directly, giving the desired shape and obtaining a translucent effect that allows light to pass through but blurs the image.


Floor vinyl for safety or signage, accompanied by a non-slip laminate that offers grip security when walking on it. Perfect for delimiting transit spaces or launching an advertising message from the ground.

Adhesive vinyls can also be classified or recognized by their application rather than by their material or composition, so that they can be classified into:

For flat surfaces

When it comes to adhesives applied to flat surfaces, we recommend matt or gloss white PVC, as it offers total surface opacity and a high quality of printed image.

For windows and shop windows

The transparent vinyl with a printed design or the acid with a personalized design are the best option for application to glass and shop windows since they allow outside light to pass through and respect the message to be displayed.

No "Glassy" print

A type of translucent format widely used to create custom cut designs without printing on glass so that the interior of the space receives light from the outside while blurring the image behind it.

For floor

It has seen a strong increase in its demand due to the need for companies and entities to establish security measures in their spaces. This opaque vinyl is combined with a non-slip laminate that offers strong grip while ensuring visual quality.


Those vinyls cut to the size of the design are called cutting, eliminating all the non-printed vinyl parts to generate a very high personalization effect.

Open Print is a graphic printing service located in Barcelona that offers personalized customer service and shipping to anywhere in the world. If you have a project or do not find what you are looking for in our online printing company, do not hesitate to contact us so that our technical team can help you achieve the results you want.

Also visit our advertising banners section where you can find different types of banners printed online for your marketing actions.


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