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Your personalized photocall online in a few clicks. Choose the format that best meets your needs and add your design, it's very easy. The photocall is the perfect resource to make your events unforgettable while ensuring the impact of your corporate message during and after the event.


Custom Photocall

If what you want is to attract people, bring personality and exclusivity whether it be in a business event, advertising or a birthday, a personalized photocall is what you are looking for. It is a very visual tool that helps you achieve the success you need in your event. At OpenPrint we have extensive experience applying the latest techniques, advising...

X banner

Bet on offline advertising with X Banners, one of the most economical and efficient marketing tools. X-Banners are successful graphic advertising elements that allow you to take your brand with you, to any event, quickly and easily. Create the design that most identifies your business line with our high quality reusable materials at a low cost.
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Photocall Online Printing


At Open Print we are specialists in the printing of advertising displays such as personalized photocalls, having covered all the advertising printing needs for hundreds of international events. Our large format printing machinery guarantees sustainable production as well as the use of certified environmentally friendly inks.

Our personalized photocall are the perfect choice to achieve the desired atmosphere in any celebration or event, taking advantage of the printing capacity of this support to transmit messages, make an impact with colorful designs or show the logo of our collaborators and make them feel important.

Types of Photocalls

Types of photocall in OpenPrint

In our category related to the printing of personalized photocalls you can easily acquire your photocall with high quality materials and an unbeatable image sharpness. In addition, thanks to their folding structure they are very easy to transport and assemble in the desired place in a matter of minutes.

Custom photocall

The Open Print personalized photocall is a star product made with resistant fabric mounted on an aluminum telescopic structure that adapts perfectly to any printing measure, which allows the structure to be recovered once its function is finished and then reuse it with another design , the best way to be sustainable.

Photocall measurements - In our online printing press you can print the following measurements for printing photocalls:

  • Photocall 200x200cm
  • Photocall 250x200cm
  • Photocall 225x225cm
  • Photocall 250x250cm

Remember that, if you need to print a format other than the one we offer in our online printing company, you can request a non-binding quote and we will give you a personalized price for the photocall you want.

X - Banner

The X-Banner is an advertising display known for its cross-shaped rear structure, made of fiberglass and aluminum with plastic parts. It is portable, lightweight and very easy to assemble, including a carrying bag for convenient handling.

Choose between the measures that we offer you for your direct purchase or send us your request through the contact form if you do not find what you are looking for.

Increase the benefits of your corporate campaign by adding products such as advertising posters, roll ups or personalized displays.


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