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If you are looking to digitally print a large number of posters to achieve your business objectives, OpenPrint offers you the solution. A3 posters are a quick and easy way to visually convey the information you need. We adapt to the requirements of each client to achieve the desired result: high quality A3 poster printing.


A3 poster printing services

An advertising poster is a poster that conveys a message designed to increase the recognition of a brand, product or service or to promote events of all kinds. Its objective is, at the same time, commercial and informative.

The A3 poster has a format of 29.7 by 42 centimeters and its vertical orientation is perfect to facilitate the reading of the content. If designed correctly and printed in high quality, A3 advertising is a valuable resource for captivating your target audience.

At OpenPrint we have three printing services that are tailored to the particular needs of each client: large format, digital and offset. Offset printing is precisely the one indicated to carry out advertising work in A3.

Offset printing is a technique by which the areas of the final support that do not require ink are moistened; in this way, a more detailed impression is obtained which, in addition, can be made on rough substrates.

Our printing services not only ensure good quality results but also accompany the client in the process prior to printing. Before starting a project, our OpenPrint specialists establish what criteria files must meet for successful printing. As a final result, the client will obtain a detailed image in each of his long-run productions.

With a long history and experience in the printing industry, our mission is to make the client's vision a reality by assisting them in every step of the project to achieve the result they want: high-quality A3 poster printing.

What does it consist of?

What is an A3 poster printing?

The A3 format measures 29.7 by 42 centimeters and can be used vertically and horizontally. However, for advertising posters it is best to choose the vertical format as it allows a faster reading of the information.

No matter what the content of the poster is, it is imperative that it stands out to reach a greater number of people within the target audience. To do this, the visual design and aesthetics must be striking, but without losing sight of the message that you want to convey. For the poster to be effective, this message must be clear in a way that immediately captivates the audience and holds their attention.

A successful advertising poster will have a concise message embedded in a visual composition that instantly grabs attention. The information in the text and images together should generate a call to action. To achieve this, the first step is to choose a high-quality printing service that highlights the design and message of the brand, product or service.


Types of paper for printing

Although there are many different types of paper with varied weights for printing advertising posters, coated paper is the most suitable since it allows a final finish of the highest quality. This type of paper is coated in several layers that give it different characteristics to improve the final result, such as gloss, weight, smoothness and quality. In addition, it allows the possibility of two-sided printing in color.

As for the finish, this will depend on the objectives of the advertising poster:

The matte finish allows a design focused on the reading of the information within the poster, thus prioritizing the text. This finish is suitable, for example, for conferences and branding.

The glossy finish brings out the colors within the design, allowing it to reach a greater number of people because it immediately catches the public's attention. This finish is suitable, for example, for advertising offers and promotions.

Regarding the weight of the paper, the following should be taken into account:

Weights ranging from 100 to 200 grams are suitable for a large print run that seeks to reach a very wide audience.

Higher weights offer a solid poster that allows for extensive campaigns, targeting a specific audience.

As specialists in advertising poster printing, we at OpenPrint recommend the use of ultra smooth triple layer coated paper for superior quality results. In addition, we guarantee shipping in specific boxes for the product so that they reach the customer's hands in optimal conditions.


What are the benefits of using A3 signage?

The main benefits of this type of format are the following:

The advertising poster is a means of communication highly valued by the public.

It is a cheaper mass media than others, such as television.

Creating an attractive visual design and placing it in a strategic location will attract the attention of your target audience.

It is an effective means of communication that allows you to transmit a specific message and focus on a specific call to action.

The most common uses of advertising posters in A3 are the following:

Promotions and offers


Dissemination of events

Increase the recognition of a brand, product or service

In order to attract the public, the advertising posters must convey a clear message to the potential customer. If your project includes an advertising campaign with posters, do not hesitate to contact our OpenPrint specialists who will accompany you in the process to offer you high-quality results.

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