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Our tabletop totems will be a perfect tool to capture the attention of customers and reach them with the desired message. Get to differentiate yourself from the competition and increase your sales with our wide variety of customizable models. Easy, comfortable and inexpensive with excellent quality.


Custom totem printing service

Welcome to OpenPrint! If you want your brand, your products or services to have greater visibility, you have reached the right place, here you will find what you need.

In this section you will find the best advertising table totems for your brand or business. We have a wide variety of models that we can customize to measure and thus acquire an original product that will differentiate you from the competition.

All of our tabletop totems are easy to use, ideal for conveying a message to customers and capturing their attention. In our company we have an excellent work team, expert in design and advertising techniques, if you need advice, we can help you.

With a tabletop totem made in forex, like the ones we offer you in OpenPrint, the customization options are endless.

At OpenPrint we adapt to your budget, we offer you this format in forex but if you don't find what you need, write to us through our contact form and we will send you an offer tailored to your profile as soon as possible. In the same way, we will solve all your doubts and answer the questions you have about our products and printing service.

In our store you will find table totems ideal for books, films, brochures and magazines; folding formats perfect to be viewed from any angle; with shapes of objects, and also to promote specific products, your company logo or use them in seasonal campaigns such as Christmas, Valentine's Day, among others.

We offer premium quality products, resistant, durable and very easy to use. We can send them to you also assembled if you prefer.


Why use custom tabletop totems for your business?

It is a type of forex exhibitor whose function is to provide greater visibility and attract people's attention. They are ideal for marking a specific area of ​​the premises, business or trade fair booth.

More and more brands decide to incorporate them into their marketing campaigns, since they offer multiple advantages such as those that we will mention below:

Attract customers' attention

Thanks to its design, shape and size, it is very visible, thus capturing the attention of all the people who pass near the place where it is located. If you have some products in your business that you want to sell as a priority, nothing better than placing them on a table totem so that the customers of your business come to them. Similarly, when you attend a fair and want to attract more people to your stand, using it will be an excellent option.

They are resistant

Contrary to what you can imagine, tabletop totems made of forex are very resistant, they can be used in open and closed spaces, as a product display or as an advertising object for your brand. You just have to make sure to keep them protected from moisture.

They are durable

They are also very durable since they are made with high quality materials and resistance. You can use them a great number of times and they will continue to be in perfect condition. They are ideal for marketing campaigns that are run frequently.

Easy to use and move

They are very easy to use and thanks to the fact that they are made of forex their weight is light, which makes it a very easy product to move from one place to another, you can use it in your business, at a fair or anywhere you want and then pick it up for storage.

Sales increase

If used correctly, they can increase the sales of your company since they quickly capture the attention of a large number of people.

Inform customers

To get the maximum benefit from them, there is nothing better than to personalize them with the characteristics and advantages of the product or service that is being offered to them, in this way, they will obtain all the information they need to know about the company and what it offers to the public.

Do not wait any longer, check our prices and acquire the personalized table totems that your business needs to have greater visibility, attract the attention of potential customers, and increase your sales.

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