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Welcome to the vinyl and banner section of Open Print online printing store. Printed banners and vinyls belong to the family of flexible large format printing materials and there is a wide variety of media in both categories in order to communicate messages with great impact.

Flexible printing supports offer a world of possibilities for both large-format communication and sites signage, becoming indispensable materials for companies' marketing departments.

Banners and Vinyls printing

At Open Print we are specialists in printing custom tarpaulins and vinyls, since we work every day in the production of advertising campaigns for large companies that seek a great brand impact in their marketing actions.

Therefore, Open Print is always committed to offering high quality standards as well as the sustainable treatment of its productions. That is why all our banners and vinyls are printed with top brand materials and environmentally friendly inks.

What are the features of the banners we offer at OpenPrint?

Advertising banner printing

The printing of vinyls and advertising banners, have recently become the best solution for viral marketing. In the case of canvas printing with innovative and impactful messages, they are the perfect claim for advertising agencies in recent years.

Printed banners can fill any empty space with a clear message that will appeal to your customers. We can see them at the front side of central roads in large cities with well-known brand campaigns or announcing a large event or congress.

In Open Print's online printing store you will be able to print your advertising banners in various formats depending on the durability and application you want to give it, printing from PVC banners for indoor visuals of commercial areas to micro-perforated banners for outdoor advertising applications.

Also discover our backlit banner for light boxes and our PVC-free banners to communicate a message of brand sustainability.

Advantages of printing custom banners for advertising

-Visibility and reach assured. Outdoor advertising is one of the most effective tools for your advertising message to reach your audience. Since they are usually part of the urban plan, it is very difficult not to pay attention to these advertising media.

-Impact versatility. Many large brands are using images from their advertising canvas to generate viral campaigns on their social networks, which greatly increases the effectiveness of this print medium and generates high returns on advertising investment.

-Great resistance and image quality. The advertising banners are resistant and durable materials, in addition to offering a practically perfect quality of the reproduced images.

-Economic prices. Advertising banners are considered a very competitive medium in the graphic sector, thus becoming a totally successful option to carry out a visual marketing action.

What are the features of the vinyls that we offer in OpenPrint?

High quality vinyl printing

The printing of vinyl and custom banners has suffered an increase in demand nowadays due to the need for companies to mark spaces either for security reasons or in order to lead the user to a specific point.

Thanks to the wide variety of applications on different surfaces and their customization capacity, vinyls are a benchmark product in the printing of large format flexible media.

At Open Print, we work with very resistant and easy-to-apply materials with which you can decorate spaces or mark different areas in an attractive and comfortable way at the same time that you position your brand.

Choose between white monomeric vinyl for surfaces such as walls or receptions, translucent or transparent effect acids to decorate and mark windows. As well as floor vinyls to mark traffic areas and establish safety perimeters.

You set the customization limits, we print, cut and customize them with environmentally friendly inks and we send them to you in record time anywhere in the country.

Features of custom vinyls

-Quality adhesive monomeric vinyl.

-Glossy, matte and transparent finish.

-High durability, 3 - 4 years approximately.


-Easy application and removal.

-Heat resistance.

-First brands of manufacturers.

Types of custom vinyl Open Print - (repassar, molt técnic)

-White - Traditional opaque vinyl, perfect for application on smooth walls, glassware and furniture.

-Acid - Translucent vinyl that can be printing vinyl, perfect for decorating windows by letting light pass through but making the design visible, or “glassy” cutting vinyl, widely used in spaces where the aim is not to show the interior but to let in the light.

-Floor - Non-slip laminated adhesive vinyl perfect for marking traffic areas.

-Transparent - Allows a printed design to stand out on a transparent background, ideal for glass.

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