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At OpenPrint we are leaders in large format digital printing. We offer the highest printing capacity at the highest level of quality. Choose from infinite options with any type of material, cardboard, foam, forex ... All of our products are highly customizable and it has never been so easy and fast.

Do not hesitate to expose your advertising ideas in a big way to reach the maximum possible target audience. At OpenPrint we help you achieve it. Fast, cheap and efficient! Print large photos in just one click.


Large format digital printing 

OpenPrint offers you a large format digital printing service characterized by attention to detail. We handle all orders personally and always with the best quality on the market.

Trust our best experts to solve all your problems and give your business visibility. We work with resistant and sustainable supports to be able to adapt to your needs. We have the best printing technologies on the market and we guarantee very optimal results. Our work is unmatched, fast, inexpensive and of the highest quality.

Do not wait more! Design your product now or contact us if you cannot find what you are looking for, OpenPrint will help you create what you have in mind in the most efficient way possible.

What are the types of large format printing that we offer at OpenPrint?

In order to achieve your projects as accurately as possible, OpenPrint offers you a wide variety of materials to choose from. With them you can create a thousand original and unique large format prints for your company.

Rigid Materials Printing 

Rigid materials are ideal for indoors and outdoors. They are resistant and durable but above all inexpensive. Among our models we can find these types of supports in many different shapes and thicknesses:

Forex PVC

lightweight but strong and highly versatile material suitable for large format direct digital printing. It is an ideal support for outdoors since thanks to its plastic composition it is resistant to rain and sun. It will still be intact after 2 years.


it is also called foam board due to its lightness and manageability. It has a high resistance so it becomes the perfect medium to create your advertising posters.


it is the ideal material for decorating your interiors. There are countless ways to use it depending on the use you want to give it. At OpenPrint we offer you three different types of cardboard: Honeycomb, Abiplex and Dispa. Each one has its own characteristics and advantages. It all depends on your choice.

Aluminum Dibond

If you need an even more rigid material, Aluminum is your best choice. It manages to create a great impact on customers thanks to its top quality appearance that will remain intact over the years. Try something different and print your graphic design directly on aluminum, you will not regret it.

Polypropylene Alveolar

it is a material formed by plastic, so it is also very suitable for outdoor use. Highly used for advertising in streets, restaurants ... It is easy to transport since it is a light and resistant material that is resistant to damage.

Print directly on these supports and give maximum visibility to your message.

 Why choose large format printing with Open Print?

At OpenPrint we manage to guarantee the best results thanks to the use of the most modern and innovative printing techniques on the market. We solve your problems in the fastest and most efficient way possible.

Choose your trusted digital printing company and achieve your goals. We adapt to each situation to create an optimal consumer experience. There is no better quality than what our experienced technicians offer in the industry.

You can not find what you're looking for? Get in touch with us and together we will be able to create your project to perfection. Don't be left with the desire, choose OpenPrint!

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