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Double Sided Banners
Double Sided Banners
Double Sided Banners

Double Sided Banners

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Double-sided banners are undoubtedly the best option to promote your business or product thanks to the maximum visibility they offer. They are high quality canvases that provide excellent printing results, offer great resistance and durability with respect to external agents and are fully customizable, so you can create endless combinations. What are you waiting for? Start creating your custom double-sided canvas.


Custom double-sided Banners

Double-sided advertising banners are large-format supports designed to be displayed both indoors and outdoors. They are the best option to promote or publicize a new product or establishment in a simple and economical way. Get the attention of your customers with your creative designs and do not miss any look thanks to the printing on both sides of the canvas.

Choose the measures freely according to the needs of your business and get your message across in a clear and effective way. They are the perfect advertising element for events, fairs, parties, exhibitions, shopping centers and everything you can imagine.

What are double-sided banners?

Double-sided PVC canvases are made of a higher quality material than traditional advertising canvases, because they need to be opaque to prevent the design on both sides from becoming transparent with the passage of light. That is why they are made of PVC blockout matt 510gr that ensures the prevention of the passage of light and thus ensures a good display of the advertisement.


Double-sided banner customization

With Open Print you have the freedom to upload your files to create the personalized design of your double-sided PVC canvas. It is as easy as uploading the file you want in the product options following the guidelines that are explained in our file manual and we take care of printing your creations with the highest possible quality and at the best price.

Apart from uploading your file, you will be able to choose between some accessories and features offered that will make your product a differentiating and totally personalized element.

Among the different options that we offer you there are;

Dimensions → Choose your desired dimensions (height and width).

Accessories → We give you the option of including a series of accessories in the package to facilitate assembly.

Perimeter reinforcement → if you wish, you can choose the option of adding a heat-welded perimeter reinforcement to avoid breaks on the sides of the canvas.

Sheath → if you want to hang your advertising banner on a pole you can include a sheath on any desired side of the banner.

File adjustment → if you want one of our experts to check the quality of the selected file to ensure excellent results, the file adjustment option offers it to you.

What is the best option for custom double-sided banners?

As experts in digital printing we want to help you in your new project and make sure you get the result you were wanting. That is why we believe that we should give you a couple of tips before ordering your product.

To obtain a high quality double-sided canvas with maximum durability, we recommend ordering the perimeter reinforcement to ensure that the edges of the material do not suffer any breakage. We also believe it is convenient to choose the file adjustment option to ensure that it is of the highest quality and everything goes as planned.


What are the benefits of double-sided banners?

The benefits of any advertising canvas are innumerable since they are one of the supports par excellence in terms of advertising elements. Double-sided canvases also have the advantage of increased visibility, which is why they become the best option for your advertisements. Here we leave you some of the advantages that this support offers so that you can tell yourself in a better way;

Visibility and reach assured. Outdoor advertising is one of the most effective tools for your advertising message to reach your audience. Since they are usually part of the urban plan, it is very difficult not to pay attention to these advertising media.

Impact versatility. Many large brands are using images from their advertising banners to generate viral campaigns on their social networks, which greatly increases the effectiveness of this print medium and generates high returns on advertising investment.

Great resistance and image quality. The advertising banners are resistant and durable materials, in addition to offering a practically perfect quality of the reproduced images.

Economic prices. Advertising banners are considered a very competitive medium in the graphic sector, thus becoming a totally successful option to carry out a visual marketing action.

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