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Illuminated signs
Illuminated signs
Illuminated signs

Illuminated signs

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The illuminated posters have arrived at the Open Print online press. We decorate and illuminate your space to your liking with the manufacture and printing of luminous posters. You will be able to sign the entrance of a store or impact with luminous designs in the interior quickly and comfortably. Measures 100x30x6cm. This element is made of high quality dibond aluminum cut and printed according to design, with methacrylate and vinyl anchoring, and white led lighting.

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Custom Illuminated Sign Printing

Have you thought about how to make your business stand out? If you need to print signs, you can give an extra touch of notoriety to your advertising using the resource of lighting. It is an infallible strategy if what you are looking for is to attract attention.

The lights combined with the posters will never leave the observer indifferent. In fact, illuminated signs are very popular with both food chains and a wide variety of businesses.

At OpenPrint we are a company specialized in large format, digital and offset printing. With our services, you can send any message to your clients, whether you need to identify your business or inform about offers, among other purposes.


The luminous signs that you can order from us will help you meet that need for promotion, since light is one of the most recommended elements to intensify each message.

We make your graphic identity possible using business information in exterior and interior areas of the establishment. Illuminated signs easily adapt to both day and night, giving greater intensity to letters, designs or trademarks.

Corporate advertising is very important and must be done with quality. We take care that the final product is magnificent, paying special attention to all the details. This helps a lot when it comes to setting up an establishment, since it gives the brand a boost and lighting is also a trend.


Characteristics of our illuminated signs

The characteristics of our luminous signs are the following:

• Manufacture in aluminum profiles and 8.5 cm wide.

• Seams of the same material.

• Available colors white, black and silver anodized.

• It is complemented with 3mm Opal white methacrylate fronts for graphics.

All your projects can be developed with the highest quality standards in OpenPrint. In addition, you have the benefit of being able to place your orders online.

What is a luminous billboard?

They are pieces that are used in marketing to promote or identify establishments, stores, restaurants and various types of businesses. They are very popular and get hundreds of views daily.

Illuminated posters can contain logos inside, as well as slogans, figures and important elements to identify the company. In addition, they can also be used to mark spaces within an establishment, such as the signs that indicate the entrance, the exit and the bathrooms.

This type of poster is considered one of the most effective if used properly, and can include a mixture of colored lighting, flashing lights, creative typography and other elements.

They are very effective in increasing visits to the establishment and it is a permanent advertisement that can last a long time.


Why should my business have luminous signs?

They are very useful to increase the scope of the corporate identity of your business. For example, if you have already invested money, effort and creativity developing a spectacular logo for your store, you should not miss the opportunity to take these ideas to a higher scale. If you add lighting, you will have a powerful combination that will explode your brand marketing.

You should also have posters with lighting because they provide distinction, no matter how minimal your logo or message may be. Even basic fountains can look great with the right lighting and techniques.

Where to place a personalized luminous sign?

You can place it right at the entrance of your business. For establishments such as bars, it is perfect to order illuminated posters as they are inexpensive, increase the visibility of the ads and also help to create a good atmosphere.

It is also very useful to place luminous signs at the entrance of the shopping center, on the facade and in almost any permitted area. At airports you can place a poster with lighting to advertise your business and usually in places where your potential buyers frequent.

You rely on OpenPrint's high-tech professionals and team to shape these projects. Leave everything in our hands and you will notice a difference using posters with lighting.

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